I Am A Documentary Junkie

It’s true – I love watching documentaries.  I also love Sci-Fi and a slew of other types of shows, but documentaries hold a special place in my little entertainment heart.  Of all of these, in the past five years, three documentaries about food come to mind.  Really, I should say four – I’m watching another as I type this – but why am I blogging about it?

The documentary I’m watching right now, simply titled “Ingredients”, is making me think about what I’ve been pleased to do with my WIBC products.  What I’m doing is what you can do as well – in your home cooking, with the recipes in my coming cookbook(s), and when you go out to dine.

The ingredient labels on my products read the same as you will see in my cookbook – real ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial flavour enhancers.  I only used pure extracts, I use Shepherd’s Grain flour, Bob’s Redmill oats from Oregon – essentially, my recipes and ingredients are no different than what someone would themselves use & make at home.  Over the past year some individuals and businesses have challenged me with questions around the price and shelf life of my products.  These have been hand-crafted with real ingredients – much of what is produced on the market is mass produced from machines and full of things most of us can’t pronounce much-less easily identify.  Much of the food industry is about numbers – how much product is output and how much money is coming in – I see this largely as being completely regardless of quality and considerably regardless of the health of people.

On this topic, what follows are the four documentaries I encourage you to view.  I found them – and continue to find them – thought provoking, and I believe you will too.

Supersize Me and Food, Inc.

A Place At The Table

Ingredients – Who’s Your Farmer?

Fed Up

Food Stamped