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Cling Wrap — A Pro Tip

Cling wrap — ever have problems getting it to stay on your food?

Cling wrap

Here’s a pro-tip — don’t put plastic wrap on your food, put your food on your cling wrap!

Yep — all sorts of problems can follow when cling wrap gets pulled out of the box, put over food, torn off … but instead, try this…

Cling wrap - you're doing it wrong

On a clean surface clear of other items, put your box of plastic wrap down with the opening pointing away from you. Pull a large section out (+/- 2 times the size of the plate you look to cover) and lay it down on the surface, the box will ‘hold’ the other end straight for you. Next, place the plate you wish to wrap *on* the cling wrap and bring the lose end up & over the plate to start covering your food. Rip the other end of the plastic wrap off of the box and fold it over the plate & cling wrap. Repeat as necessary to get everything covered.

Done right and you will have a good seal on your food that can also help to prevent leaks.

A box of cling wrap with a slide cutter makes this easier over those with the saw blade, but with some careful attention those will work just as well.

Cling wrap righter